How to register

Please follow these steps to register for the conference.

Step 1.

Create an account on our website. Use the button on the top of the page. The account is needed for later management of your participation to the conference. After you create and account you will be able to log in and register for the conference and upload your abstracts. You will receive an email with confirmation of success.

Step 2.

Register to take part in the conference. After you log in using your created account you will be ale to submit a registration form. There you will choose regular or student registration. In case of student registration you will be need to provide a scanned document proving your student status. You will need to provide information like: your institution, department, state, special requirements - diet, you will also apply for participation to the conference workshops and you will choose supplementary payed services like official dinner party participation, accompanying person. Also prepare invoice data needed by your institution like VAT numbers, official address or any other identification that is needed on the issued invoice. In this step you will also choose the payment method - bank wire transfer or credit/debit card payment.

Step 3.

Payment. After you proceed with your registration we will check the provided data and issue an invoice according to the selected options and services. The issued invoice will be sent to your registered email within two working days. In case of credit/debit card payment you will be able to follow a link that will take you to a PayPal web site where the payment will be proceeded. In case of bank wire transfere you will receive instructions for payment that are also present on the conference website.

Step 4.

Abstract submission. When you login to your account on the ECMS2019 website. You will be able to upload your abstract according to abstract guidelines.