Guidelines for abstracts

  • The abstract must be written in English. The abstract should be brief and concise.
  • The body of the abstract must have a maximum length of 3000 characters including spaces, excluding the title.
  • Carefully fill out the requested information during the submission process (title, presenter’s name, authors’ names, affiliations); this information will figure in all abstract support documents and tools. The title of the abstract must not exceed 160 characters.
  • Write only the body of the text in the document you will submit.
  • The body of the text should not contain figures, photos, and tables.
  • Please use Arial 12 pt as the font and single line spacing for the entire body of the text.
  • References in the text should be given by numbers in square brackets [1, 2].
    The list of references follows the last line of the text with one extra line inserted.

    [1] Lussier, A.J. et al. (2016), Can. Mineral. 54, 177-283.
    [2] Brown I.D. (2002): The Chemical Bond in Inorganic Chemistry. Oxford University Press.

  • You can also add one Figure per abstract as a separate file (see the Abstract submission form).