Daily program

September 11, 2019

08.00-09.00 Participant registration
09.00-09.15 Conference opening
Chair: Jan Filip
Theme Evnironmental mineralogy and geochemistry
09.15-09.55 Keynote lecture 1 Juraj Majzlan Different ways of incorporating elements into crystal structures in which they do not fit
09.55-10.10 2 Tamara Đorđević Arsenic in roméite-group minerals formed by weathering of realgar-rich tailings (Lojane mine, North Macedonia)
10.10-10.25 3 Alexandra M. Plumhoff Fractionation of copper, oxygen and hydrogen isotopes between malachite and aqueous solution
10.25-10.40 4 Paulina Maziarz Halloysite-supported iron oxide particles for As(V) removal: adsorption mechanism investigation by the XPS and Mössbauer spectroscopy
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Chair: Ferdinando Bosi
Theme Mineralogy
11.10-11.25 5 Charles A. Geiger The Magnetic Behavior of Olivine and Garnet Substitutional Solid Solutions
11.25-11.40 6 Marcin Stachowicz Fluorite a supposedly ordinary mineral. On charge-shift bonding, nonspherical charge distribution and boundary of ions
11.40-11.55 7 Peter Bačík The site-occupancy assessment in beryl based on bond-length constraints
11.55-12.10 8 Monika Kubernátová Crystal chemistry of Pb-rich tourmaline from pegmatite in Minh Tien, Vietnam
12.10-12.25 9 Andreas Ertl Oxidized Mg- and Fe-rich tourmaline with significant amounts of Sr and Pb
12.25-12.40 10 Pavel Uher Evolution of borate minerals (ludwigite group and szaibélyite): from contact metamorphic to hydrothermal stages (Vysoká – Zlatno skarn, Slovakia)
12.40-14.00 Lunch break
Chair: Giovanni Andreozzi
Theme Remote sensing and near-surface minerals
14.00-14.40 Keynote lecture 11 Janice Bishop Characterizing the surface of Mars through remote spectral identification of minerals
14.40-14.55 12 Carsten Laukamp Mid- and Thermal Infrared Reflectance Spectral Signatures of Non-sulfide Zn-ores
14.55-15.10 13 Sari Romppanen Optimized time-resolved photoluminescence detection of rare earth elements in apatites and calcites
15.10-15.25 14 Dominik Talla The FTIR and Raman spectroscopic study of kieserite, MgSO4∙H2O, an important sulfate in our Solar system, across its cosmochemically relevant solid solutions
15.25-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.00 15 Simone Bernardini Oxidation state of manganese in oxide minerals by Raman spectrosopy
16.00-16.15 16 Monica LeGras How to use infrared reflectance spectroscopy of pyroxenes and pyroxenoids for critical metals exploration and mining
16.15-16.30 17 Elena Zhitova Low-temperature sulphate mineralization of modern hydrothermal systems of Kamchatka, Russia
16.30-16.45 18 Tomas Hrstka Using Orange Software visual programming and machine learning for deposited dust particles identification
16.45-19.00 Poster session

September 12, 2019

Chair: Henrik Skogby
Theme HP-HT experimental mineralogy and spectroscopy
09:00-09.40 Keynote lecture 19 Sergey Lobanov Optical spectroscopy at combined high P and T conditions and its applications to thermal and electrical transport in the deep mantle
09.40-09.55 20 Sergey Britvin Phosphides of schreibersite-nickelphosphide series as indicators of crystallization history of meteorites
09.55-10.10 21 Liudmila Gorelova High-pressure behavior of hingganite-(Y), YBeSiO4(OH)
10.10-10.25 22 Mara Murri How to determine a unique entrapment condition of host-inclusion systems from UHPM rocks using Raman elastic geobarometry
10.25-10.40 23 Nicola Campomenosi Using polarized Raman spectroscopy to detect strain gradient in optical anomalous host-inclusion mineral systems
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Chair: Charles Geiger
Theme Mineral spectroscopy
11.10-11.25 24 Anastasiya Kalugina The Raman estimation of composition of garnets in natural diamonds
11.25-11.40 25 Ingrin Jannick Specific OH infrared signatures in pyroxenes from mantle xenoliths: characteristics and possible bands assignments
11.40-11.55 26 Elena Zhitova Crystal chemical characterization of carbonate and chloride layered double hydroxides
11.55-12.10 27 Karolina Rybka The effect of M(II)/M(III) molar ratio on the LDH structure derived from chemicals and minerals: a spectroscopic study using FTIR, Raman and XPS
12.10-12.25 28 Maciej Manecki Compositional analysis of PO4, AsO4, and VO4 in Pb-apatites with Raman spectroscopy
12.25-12.40 29 Daria Kiseleva Raman spectroscopy in the studies of archaeological bone and tooth diagenesis
12.40-14.00 Lunch break
Chair: Jakub Plášil
Theme Uranium mineralogy: session dedicated to Dr. Jiří Čejka on the occassion of his 90th birthday
14.00-14.40 Keynote lecture 30 Peter C. Burns New landscapes of uranium mineralogy
14.40-14.55 31 Vladislav Gurzhiy Structural complexity of natural and synthetic uranyl compounds with S- and Se-centered oxyanions
14.55-15.10 32 Travis A. Olds Paddlewheelite, a new uranyl carbonate mineral from the Jáchymov District, Bohemia, Czech Republic
15.10-15.25 33 Gwladys Steciuk Crystal structure of uranyl molybdate mineral calcurmolite solved from electron diffraction data
15.25-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.00 34 Dmitry A. Zamyatin Thermally induced structural, chemical and textural rearrangement of metamictized zircon with high concentration of impurity elements: Raman, PL, EPMA, EBSD
16.00-16.15 35 Dariusz Malczewski Activation energy of annealed, partially metamict davidite by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
16.15-16.30 36 Emily Nienhuis The role of 4+ cations on the structure and crystallization of nepheline and related phases from sodium aluminosilcate glasses
16.30-16.45 37 Gioacchino Tempesta Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as a tool for Li distribution in zoned tourmaline in thin section
16.45-18.00 Poster session
19:00-24:00 Conference dinner

September 13, 2019

Chair: František Laufek
Theme Experimental mineralogy
09:00-09.40 Keynote lecture 38 Anna Vymazalová Platinum-group minerals, from nature to synthetic
09.40-09.55 39 Francesco Di Benedetto A new solvothermal approach to obtain nanoparticles in the Cu3SnS4-Cu2FeSnS4 join
09.55-10.10 40 Gregory Ivanyuk Endemic titanosilicates of the Kola alkaline complexes and their functional synthetic analogs
10.10-10.25 41 Andrea Giaccherini Spectroscopic and structural analysis of ultra-thin Cu2S/CdS semiconducting devices
10.25-10.40 42 Michela Botticelli New insights on the discrimination of synthesized ochres by µ-FTIR: Mars yellow and calcinated red ochres recognition criteria
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Chair: Lee Groat
Theme Gemology
11.10-11.25 43 Tashia Dzikowski-Hutter A Gemmological Approach to Distinguishing Natural from Synthetic Rubies: LA-ICP-TOF mass spectrometry provides new insights
11.25-11.40 44 Myint Myat Phyo U-Pb age dating of zircon and zirconolite inclusions in marble hosted gem-quality ruby and spinel from Mogok, Myanmar
11.40-11.55 45 Laura Medeghini Provenance studies of emerald: evaluation of Raman approach
11.55-12.10 46 Hao A.O. Wang Multi-element Analysis of Sapphires and Emeralds by LA-ICP-Time-Of-Flight-MS for Country of Origin Determination
12.10-12.25 47 Myint Myat Phyo Detailed Inclusion Study of Gem-Quality Spinel from Mogok, Myanmar: Geikielite MgTiO3 as exsolution lamellae
12.25-12.40 48 Evgeny Vasilev Enigma of the cuboid diamonds: inverse distribution of optical centres within the crystal volume
12.40-14.00 Lunch break
Chair: Jan Cempírek
Theme Crystallography
14.00-14.40 Keynote lecture 49 Sergey V. Krivovichev Feldspar polymorphs: diversity, complexity, stability
14.40-14.55 50 Andrey A. Zolotarev, jr Crystal structure of dmisteinbergite, CaAl2Si2O8
14.55-15.10 51 John McCloy Rare earth environments in silicate, borate, borosilicate, and transition metal phases obtained from glass-ceramics
15.10-15.25 52 Taras Panikrovskii Crystal structure model of tiettaite and its Na-deficient analogue: novel type of microporous octahedral-tetrahedral framework
15.25-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.00 53 Richard Pažout Substitution ranges of new mineral staročeskéite Ag0.7Pb1.6(Bi1.35Sb1.35)2.70S6
16.00-16.15 54 Maria G. Krzhizhanovskaya Crystalline borosilicates of alkali and alkaline-earth metals: hierarchy, fundamental building blocks and thermal expansion
16.15-16.45 ECMS 2019: a summary & closing Student´s awards, next ECMS, farewell

List of Posters

Giovanni B. Andreozzi (Fabrizio Nestola, Paolo Nimis, Benedetta Periotto, Luciano Secco, Leonardo Pasqualetto, Gabriele Zaffiro, Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Francesco Princivalle, Davide Lenaz, Alla M. Logvinova, Alessandra Lorenzetti, Jeffrey W. Harris)
Diamond-magnesiochromite host-inclusion system recording old deep lithosphere conditions at Udachnaya (Siberia)
Simone Bernardini (Fabio Bellatreccia, Annalaura Casanova Municchia, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Armida Sodo)
Raman spectra of natural manganese oxides
Małgorzata Cegiełka
Accessory mineral assemblage in various types of Karkonosze granite (West Sudetes)
Fabrice Dal Bo (Henrik Friis)
Crystal chemistry of the rinkite-(Ce)-nacareniobsite-(Ce) series
Francesco Di Benedetto (Elena Belluso, Silvana Capella, Andrea Giaccherini, Maurizio Romanelli, Benedetta Ciuffi, Giordano Montegrossi, Alfonso Zoleo, Fabio Capacci)
An EPR study of silica radicals in lung tissues with evidence of silicosis
Francesco Di Benedetto (Capozzoli Laura, Suzuki Amelia, Giaccherini Andrea, Lepore Giovani Orazio, Montegrossi Giordano, Lavacchi Alessandro, Bracci Susanna)
Multi-analytical characterisation of a medieval red mosaic glass tessera of from the first facade of the Duomo of Florence
Tomáš Flégr (Jan Cempírek)
Chemical evolution of tourmaline in elbaite-subtype pegmatites of the Bohemian Massif
Shijia Gao (Gerhard Heide, Andreas Massanek)
Scientific Development and Digitization of the Gemological Collection from Abraham Gottlob Werner
Andrea Giaccherini (Francesco Di Benedetto, Elena Belluso, Silvana Capella, Silvia Visona, Matteo Moretti, Antonio Osculati, Antonella Buccianti, Maurizio Romanelli, Giordano Montegrossi, Giulio Arcangeli, Fabio Capacci)
A microXRF study of silicon and its behaviour in lung tissues with evidence of silicosis
Andrea Giaccherini (Giuseppe Cucinotta, Stefano Martinuzzi, Enrico Berretti, Werner Oberhauser, Alessandro Lavacchi, Giovanni Orazio Lepore, Giordano Montegrossi, Maurizio Romanelli, Antonio De Luca, Massimo Innocenti, Vanni Moggi Cecchi, Matteo Mannini, Antonella Buccianti, Francesco Di Benedetto)
Spectroscopic analysis of nanocrystalline Cu3SnS4: evidence of a low temperature transition
Viktor Goliáš (Petr Jarka, Michal Fejgl, Michal Roll, Jakub Plášil)
Non-destructive Alpha spectroscopy as a tool for distinguishing equilibrium state on uranium minerals
Jana Havláková (Jiří Tuček, Josef Kašlík, Ondřej Malina, Ivo Medřík, Jan Filip, Radek Zbořil)
Thermally induced solid-state transformations of Fe2O3 polymorphs in reducing and inert atmospheres
Yu-Hsuan Cheng (Wei-Teh Jiang)
Electron microscopic study of burial diagenetic greigite and smythite in Gutingkeng Mudstone, SW Taiwan
Alina Izatulina (O. V. Frank-Kamenetskaya, Vladislav V. Gurzhiy, M. A. Kuz’mina, M. S. Zelenskaya)
Crystal chemistry of natural and synthetic oxalates of divalent cations
Ryou Kariya (Nobuhiro Kusano, Hirotsugu Nishido)
Emission mechanism of the cathodoluminescence in a series of scheelite-powellite
Jakub Kotowski (Krzysztof Nejbert, Danuta Olszewska-Nejbert)
Monazite and tourmaline from the Albian (Lower Cretaceous) sands from the Miechów Synclinorium (southern Poland) as a tool in provenance study
Maryna Kutsevol
Mineralogy of silicified zones of the Southern Buh area silicate nickel deposits
František Laufek (Anna Vymazalová, Sergei F. Sluzhenikin, Vladimir V. Kozlov, Jakub Plášil, Mariana Klementová)
Synthesis and crystallographic study of laflammeite (Pd3Pb2S2) and thalhammerite (Pd9Ag2Bi2S4)
Davide Lenaz (Danilo Bersani)
Raman spectroscopy and the K2O content of glauconites
Eugen Libowitzky (Gerald Giester)
Non-destructive investigation of natural, treated, and synthetic amber by handheld XRF and ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Daniela Mauro (Cristian Biagioni, Marco Pasero)
Sulfate assemblages from the Monte Arsiccio pyrite ore deposit (northern Tuscany, Italy): spectroscopic data on unusual mineral species
Elmira Mohammadi (Juri Ugolotti, Remi Coulon, Jiří Šponer, Judit Šponerová, Radek Zbořil, Michal Otyepka)
Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Greigite, Pyrite, and Violarite Nanoparticles
Lucy M Mottram (Samuel Cafferkey, Martin C. Stennett, Daniel J. Bailey, Neil C. Hyatt)
A preliminary investigation of Fe speciation in minerals by Fe K-edge XANES using a laboratory based spectrometer
Kira Musiyachenko (Mara Murri, Mauro Prencipe, Matteo Alvaro)
The complexity behind the simple Ti oxide structure
Adil Nawaz (Jaroslav Presk)
Petrographic, Geochemical and mineralogical investigations of Koga and Jambil carbonatites from Peshawar Plain Alkaline Igneous Province (PPAIP), Pakistan
Krzysztof Nejbert (Adam Pieczka, Sławomir Ilnicki, Eligiusz Szełęg, Adam Szuszkiewicz, Krzysztof Turniak)
Geochemical signatures and scandium mineralization potential of NYF member of the Julianna Pegmatite System, Sudetes
Hirotsugu Nishido (Risa Masuda, Mototaka Saneyoshi, Shin Toyoda, Khishigjav Tsogtbaatar)
Provenance study of eolian sediments by cathodoluminescence spectral analysis of quartz grains for a stratigraphic interpretation in the Gobi desert
Hirotsugu Nishido (Takuya Yoshimura, Kazumasa Aoki, Shogo Aoki)
Cation site preference in apatite estimated by cathodoluminescence spectroscopy for U-Pb dating
František Novotný (Jan Cempírek)
Magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of tourmaline from the elbaite pegmatite Dolní Rožínka, Czech Republic
Liudmyla Omelchenko (A. L. Solovjov, E. V. Petrenko, R. V. Vovk)
Effect of electron irradiation on pseudogap in YBa2Cu3O7-δ single crystals
Elizaveta A. Pankrushina (Aleksandr S. Kobuzov, Yulia V. Shchapova, Sergei L. Votyakov)
Statistical analysis of temperature-dependent Raman spectra of minerals
Tereza Peterková (David Dolejš)
Trace element chemistry of mica and quartz during magmatic-hydrothermal transition in the evolved granitic system of the eastern Krušné hory/Erzgebirge
Rezeda M. Ismagilova (Elena S. Zhitova, Andrey A. Zolotarev, Sergey V. Krivovichev)
High-temperature crystal chemistry of szenicsite Cu3(MoO4)(OH)4, lindgrenite Cu3(MoO4)2(OH)2, cupromolybdite Cu3O(MoO4)2 and copper trimolybdate CuMo3O10×Н2O
Caterina Rinaudo (Alessandro Croce)
Micro-Raman spectroscopy, technique allowing in depth identification/characterization of asbestiform minerals
Michal Roll (Viktor Goliáš, Jiří zachariáš, Jakub Plášil)
Origin of secondary uranyl-carbonate minerals at Giftkies mine, Jáchymov, Czechia: possible climate implications?
Anastasiya Ryanskaya (Daria Kiseleva, Elizaveta Pankrushina, Sergei Votyakov, Pavel Kosintsev)
A combined XRD and micro-Raman study of biogenic phosphates of fossil and subfossil animal bones
Jiří Sejkora (Pavel Škácha)
Three natural As modifications from the Příbram uranium and base-metal district, Czech Republic
Yuliya V. Shchapova (Aleksander S. Krylov, Dmitrii A. Zamyatin, Sergey L. Votyakov)
Lattice dynamics of crystalline and radiation-damaged zircon by the data of low-temperature Raman spectroscopy
Jürgen Schreuer (Jessica Wierbik)
Elastic properties of monoclinic alkalifeldspars
Henrik Skogby (Patrick Reichart, Franz Weis, Ferdinando Bosi, Günther Dollinger)
Tourmaline OH contents studied by FTIR spectroscopy and proton-proton scattering analysis
Lenka Skřápková (Jan Cempírek)
Role of dissolution-reprecipitation in deciphering mineral evolution trends in lepidolite-subtype pegmatites
Marcin Syczewski (Andrzej Borkowski, Igor Grądziel, Magdalena Krzesicka, Katarzyna Mordak, Jan Raczko, Rafał Siuda, Maciej Kałaska, Arkadiusz Gąsiński)
The clay minerals/phosphogypsum-based ceramic composite as a useful adsorbent for the uranium uptake
Gioacchino Tempesta (Alessando Monno)
Pigments characterization by spectroscopic methods of three Apulian precious parchments (Privilegium XV-XVII) from State Archives of Bari
Makiko Tomita (Hirotsugu Nishido)
Emission centers in barite estimated by cathodoluminescence spectrometry
Jaromír Tvrdý (Jakub Plášil, Radek Škoda)
Zincoberaunite from Krásno, Czech Republic
František Veselovský (Petr Pauliš, Jan Pašava, Karel Žák, Lukáš Ackerman, Ondřej Pour, Zdeněk Dolníček, Luboš Vrtiška, Tomáš Kadlec, Radana Malíková)
Mineralogy of stibnite deposit at Chříč near Rakovník (Czech Republic)
Yuto Yamauchi (Hirotsugu Nishido)
Temperature effects on cathodoluminescence of Ba- and Sr-feldspar
Adam Zachař (Radek Škoda)
Bohseite-bavenite from intragranitic NYF pegmatites of the Třebíč pluton