Cultural program

Ice-breaker party

The ice-breaker party will be held on Tuesday 10th from 17:00 to 19:00 at the conference venue. The event is free of charge for congress participants.

Conference Dinner

Conference dinner with a concert of rock and funky band will be held on Thursday 12th from 19:00 at a typical Czech beer restaurant Na Slamníku (Wolkerova 12, Praha 6).

A bus shuttle will be waiting for participants to take them from the conference venue to the restaurant on Thursday 12th 18:30. At the end of the event (24:00) the shuttle will take the participants on the route to the city centre stopping by the Pyramida hotel and other stops on demand. (GPS 50.1036569N, 14.4085294E)

Excursion to a mineralogy collection at the National Museum

Mineralogy collection of National Museum is one of the oldest on the world. The basis was built around the time of Museum foundation by merging of different collections donated by aristocrat patrons under the leadership of count Kašpar M. Šternberk. From historical point of view and by the number of items, the mineralogy collection represents the main collection of mineralogy-petrology department. From beginning of 8 500 items the collection has grown in almost 200 years to more than 100 000 registered items today.

This excursion will take around 3 hours. The premises of the collection are not open to public visitors so this is a unique opportunity for visiting such a collection. Around 14 people can take one tour. If there will be higher interest in this excursion, more rounds on different days can be organised.

Fee 10 EUR.