ECMS 2019

The 9th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy (ECMS 2019) will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 11-14, 2019.

Conference mission

  • ECMS 2019 will deal with mineralogy, spectroscopy and related fields of science, with a special focus on the interplay between short-range and long-range information to account for crystalline and amorphous materials physical properties.
  • The Conference will bring together both theoretically and experimentally oriented scientists, providing them with an opportunity to share ideas and learn from one another.

Organizing team

  • Jan Cempírek (Masaryk University, Brno)
  • Jan Filip (Palacký University, Olomouc)
  • František Laufek (Czech Geological Survey, Prague)
  • Ivo Macek (National Museum, Prague)
  • Jakub Plášil (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
  • Radek Škoda (Masaryk University, Brno)
  • Jakub Trubač (Charles University, Prague)

Confirmed workshops

  • Michal Dušek: JANA2006 – crystal structure computation package
  • Jan Cempírek & Lee A. Groat: Gemstone deposits


The ECMS 2019 will take place in the conference centre of the Břevnov Monastery in Prague.

Past ECMS meetings

  • Rome (1988)
  • Berlin (1995)
  • Kiev (1996)
  • Paris (2001)
  • Vienna (2004)
  • Stockholm (2007)
  • Potsdam (2011)
  • Rome (2015)

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